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Zdeněk Hosman

In a world dictated by usefulness, sculpture is useless. (Tony Cragg, 2006)

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Born: 19. 1. 1948 Nový Dvůr u Lhenic
Studium: 1969 – 1973 Art Education on Department of Art Design, Faculty of Education in České Budějovice, Czechoslovakia
Adress: Zdeněk Hosman, Holubov 231, 38203 Křemže, Česká republika
E-mail: zdehosman@centrum.cz

Author's creed:

Sculptures speak their own language – through the materials used, traces left behind by tools, by plastic property and above all by their own expression. Throughout the process of their creation and existence they have come into contact with the touch of hands and body movements. The audience does not need to see or know what is being represented. Yet what they need to perceive are those touches of sensitive hands and the body movements. This experience connects the creator and the perceiver, who in turn becomes a co-creator. I rejoice when people touch my sculptures just as the blind would.


2000 – Die Botschaft der APOKALYPSE.
Domschatz- und Diözesanmuseum Passau. Bundesrepublik
Deutschland (participation)
2002 – I. trienále reliéfního objektu (Interakce a Metamorfosy).
Galerie Bechyňská brána. Tábor (participation)
Forte di Nago. Italia (participation)
2008 – LABYRINTY. Skulptury a obrazy. Zdeněk Hosman a Roman Kubička.
Galerie DOXA. Český Krumlov

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